Snacks and Pickles are the most eatable things in India. People like to eat snacks and pickles so much even mouth starts watering thinking of them. But it doesn’t seem often to have good quality snacks and pickles at a reasonable rate. So, here we are with some good quality homemade snacks and pickles at a cost which is affordable by everyone. We understand that it is important to make good quality snacks and pickles as well as it is also important to make pickles preserve for long time. Thus, we added some natural oils to our pickles to make them safe for long time.

Ordering something online is a new trend as people want to get their desirable things at their home only and not by going market which waste the so precious time. To order snacks and pickles online is also one of them which provide so much comfort to the snacks and pickle lovers and also makes easy to get high quality snacks and pickles. There are so many sites available on the web having a brand value too but it is important to select out the correct one from all of them. snacksandpickles.com  is a kind of site where you can order  snacks and pickles online in which you can find so many types of snacks such as laddus, badushas, ariselu etc and pickles such as chicken, mutton, prawns , fish, lemon , garlic , mango , tomato , pandumirchi and many more.

As we do not have a brand value yet but all the snacks and pickles are home made only with rich in quality and taste. As we are new in this online trend of providing snacks and pickles to the people, so it is important to put up a trust on people’s mind as well as on the online market.  This will pleased you as you will acquire good quality homemade snacks and pickles at an affordable rate.

By order the snacks and pickles online from our site will pleased you as we will provide you the order to your home. We are making home delivery now, present days we will deliver the product within the 2 or 3days of order.



Snacks and Pickles – Tasty and Spicy would like to introduce itself as one of the most promising manufacturing units of Non-Veg Pickle. We bring to you a wide range of Non-Veg Pickles like Chicken Pickle, Prawn Pickle, Fish Pickle, Mutton Pickle etc. We make use of special grade ingredients for manufacturing these Non-Veg Pickles. Thus, these Non-Veg Pickles are widely acknowledged by clients and are superior in terms of taste, aroma and quality. Reliability, integrity and trustworthy are some of the key attributes of our Product. Our Products are Home Made Food Products.



Pickles are good appetizer, can easily be made at home:  spicy pickles, mixed pickles, vegetable pickles. The chillie powder used in pickles are made at home by natural methods.



Idli Podi or Gun Powder is an easy South Indian spiced powder, which when served by mixing it with gingely oil or ghee. Nalla Karam Podi, a typical Andhra style preparation similar to gun powder. … Sprinkle some of this magic spice powder over dosas.



We will provide different types of vadiyalu which are home made. We have 5 types of biyyapu vadiyalu such as saggu biyyam vadiyalu, karivepaku biyyapu vadiyalu, kothimera biyyapu vadiyalu, podina biyyampu vadiyalu and pandumirchi biyyapu vadiyalu. Not only biyyapu vadiyalu and we also provide gummadi vadiyalu, vuppu mirapakaya vadiyalu, minapa vadiyalu etc. All the papads are home made .